Nothing can close your sport

This post is to all my fellow martial arts instructors. It seems like many countries are sadly closing down gyms again.

Many are using the slogan “don't close my sport”

Nobody can close your sports. They may be able to close down the gyms for a while, but our sports are far more than four walls and a door. Adapt for the time being. All you need is a ground to train on and a strong mind set. The rest is nothing but excuses. The only person that can take away your mindset is you.

A martial arts instructor, is also to his students a small community leader. Your students want to hear from you that all is still OK, and they want to see you training. They don't need the gym, they need you. Children might get recognition for the good things they do, adults not as much. That is one of the reasons they go to martial arts. Therapy, and recognition. That doesn’t change because a room is locked. Your students still need that from you. And, when the gyms will open again soon, you'll see how much they appreciate you for being there when times are a bit rough.

Yes, most of us are having financial troubles from this, so what? None of us started teaching martial arts for the money. It's what we love. That will never change. People are only tested when the going gets hard. Not when all is cozy and comfy. You all claim to be fighters, now you have a chance to prove it.

The world has been through much worse, and it bounced back. Don't be dramatic and negative, that will get you nowhere. Be the leader your students need you to be.

Sharir R,

ICCS Head instructor

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