Is pain important ?

Never mistake damage for pain in a fight! Damage means causing something in the body to immediately stop functioning correctly, regardless of the pain your opponent may, or may not be feeling at the moment of the fight. Pain is a temporary discomfort with no real damage to the body's ability to function. The body will be able to ignore the pain with the help of adrenaline. Thus, in the short amount of time that a fight takes place, causing pain gives your enemy no reason to stop attacking you.

An average street fight, lasts between three to twelve seconds. If the fight carries on longer than that, it's usually no more a fight, rather it becomes a one sided beat-down. Simply meaning, one side is beating up on the now helpless other side.

During that very short amount of time the fight takes place, the attacker feels no pain, since he prepared himself mentally to carry out his assault. His body is pumped up with adrenalin. And, to make matters worse, the person being attacked probably has no adrenalin in him yet, since in most cases the attack is a surprise. He wasn't prepared for it mentally or physically. And, by the time he realizes he's under attack, he's most likely already injured. Fighting back under those conditions is a big tactical disadvantage in a fight. Focus on creating damage, not pain. Fight smart.

Train smart, stay safe,

Sharir R, ICCS Head instructo

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