Fighting multiple opponents

Training to fight multiple opponents

Most bad guys are not as tough as they'd like everyone around them to believe. They would love nothing more, than for people who pass by them to think they're dangerous and fearless. Sadly, probably most people would think exactly that. However, that isn’t true; in fact it's far from the truth. Most of these bad guys are, in fact, a bunch of cowards. These “tough” guys, pick on people who are weaker than them, such as; Old men, women, handicapped, and children. With another man, who happens to be their size, they usually wouldn’t dare to start a fight. There are two ways these cowards would risk starting a fight against a grown man. First option is if they had a weapon on them, such as a knife, or gun. A weapon in these cases is used as a tiebreaker. Because even if the other man is bigger, the knife or gun don't care. The weapon gives the person holding it an immediate advantage. Second option is if the bad guy has his friends with him, or nearby. Of course, having friends would be at least the same danger, if not even worse, to the man being attacked, as if the attacker had a weapon. Friends, because of the larger number, are an automatic tiebreaker as well. The behavior of hiding behind friends, to commit acts of violence, is what I call 'tribal mentality', or 'pack mentality'. This behavior is where the person gets his power and courage from his friends around him. In fact, chances are that if he was alone and you’re not a woman, senior citizen, or child, he'd act like a good boy around you. If you are a grown man and he's lacking a weapon or friends, he wouldn’t even look your way. A real coward. For this reason, it is crucial to add a lot of multiple attackers training drills to your program. Training for multiple attackers, must include the awareness aspect as well. Many people, when confronted, get a “tunnel vision” reaction, and only see the person they are arguing with in front of them. Such behavior could get you badly injured or worse. The fact that you don’t see other people, doesn’t mean they’re not waiting around the corner, or in a parked car. Scenario training, is one of the best ways of getting this level of awareness.

Train smart, stay safe Sharir R ICCS head instructor.

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