Controlled Aggression

Anger is a dangers emotion, particularly in a fight. No person should ever make any sort of decision when he or she is angry. even more so when fighting. When a person is angry, than during that time he is temporary insane. In a fight anger can cloud the judgment, ruin the awareness, and destroy common sense. All those trades are crucial for winning a fight. The lack of them can get a person hurt or worse. When fighting, be aggressive, not angry. Furthermore, learn to transmute that emotion of anger into controlled aggression. That way, the you will be able to stay in control of you at all times during the fight. With proper training aggression is a tool you could learn how to control, and switch on and off when needed. Without losing your good sense and sanity. Keep calm, and kick some ass.

Take care, Train Smart, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor.

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