Be stronger than your excuses!

I believe in training hard, and training smart, with no excuses. Too many people, are packed with reasons and stories as to why they can't train; it's too early in the morning, it's too hot or cold, I didn’t have enough to eat, or sleep, my head hurts, I can feel my back, my legs are too sore, and so on.

Yes, of course listening to the body is important, however you need to draw the line between that, and developing a habit of creating excuses. This habit of creating alibis eventually leads to self pity, and weak pushover mentality.

It's beneficial to train when you're tired, sore, or hungry sometimes, and still show up to training and give your best. By showing up no matter what, you develop a strong character, and mentality. An asset that no protein shake, or beauty sleep can give you. Never pity yourself, because your enemy sure won't.

To be big and strong, and having great technique is not enough. There's no way around being tough.

Be careful of developing excuses, those will only cause you to get your ass kicked, in all walks of life.

Remember, Failure permits no alibis, and success requires no explanation.

Train Smart,

Sharir R,

ICCS Head Instructor

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