Why I teach Krav Maga

I started practicing and studying martial arts when I was about 6 years old and I’ve been doing it ever since. For me, martial arts was love at first sight. I’ve been literally breathing and living it all my life. It’s all I do. Throughout the years I had the privilege of training in various remarkable fighting systems such as: Krav Maga, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, MMA, and even some Taekwodo and karate. All of which I have great admiration for. So why do I choose to focus my teaching specifically on Krav Maga and MMA? Let's answer the krav Maga part first. I focus my teaching on Krav Maga simply because I love to teach good people how to fight back, and help them keep their families be safer. Make them stronger physically and mentally. While every fighting system has its place of greatness, they all have limitations. The biggest one simply being time. They take a long time to perfect. The world can be a violent and dangerous place at times. People may need to gain at least the basic knowledge of survival quickly. There are even cases with some people who I had the privilege of teaching that had to use that knowledge the very same day they acquired it. Krav Maga is the only fighting system that teaches people through principles, how to fight back in a short period (granted the instructor knows what he's doing of course) because after all, that is what Krav Maga was originally designed for. Straightforward and to the point. Furthermore, Krav Maga is also the best system for developing a warrior's mentality, the only state of mind you must have if you want to win a fight. In fact I use Krav Maga warrior development drills on my MMA fighters as well when getting ready for fights. Highly effective for them as well. Over the years I’ve watched numerous young boys and girls, many of them who had never trained before transform from softies, to tough as nails within a short period of three weeks of intensive training. No other fighting system can do that. MMA in my eyes is the perfect mix for Krav Maga. All full contact sports are great, but MMA has the most options. An MMA fight is one of the closest sensations you can get to an actual street fight. It's perfect for learning to think under pressure, getting used to hitting, and getting hit, and excellent for fast transitions through all the fighting elements; stand up, clinching, and the ground. I believe mixing the skills of an MMA fighter with the street mindset of a Krav Maga fighter will create amazing warriors. Train smart, stay safe. Sharir R, ICCS head instructor

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