5 Rules of Striking Everyone Should Know

5 Rules Of Striking Everyone Should Know

1- Be Aggressive! This is the most important principle of fighting. Aggression always covers for the absent of technique, technique never covers for the lack of aggression.

2- Maximize Damage to your enemy! Fighting is not a game. It's never fun to hurt another person, no matter the circumstance. That's why it's far better to avoid a fight than to fight. However, if your left with no other alternatives but to fight for your survival, then you must fight hard.

3- Speed! The power, and efficiency of your strikes comes from speed. Not only from the speed in which the strike was delivered, but even more so from the speed that the strike was pulled back after hitting it's target.Being able to recoil the strike, gives it all the snapping power you'll need in order to be able to flatten the person standing in your way.

4- Hit Vital Areas! All the speed and technique won't help if you don't hit in the right place. Remember, your attacker is pumped with adrenaline, and therefore feels no pain. You must have stoppage power. Hitting a vital area will create immediate damage.

5- Throw combinations! Never hit only once. Logically, if a person deserves one punch in the face, he probably deserves a few more. Furthermore, hitting only once could be very dangerous since your giving your opponent an option to retaliate. By throwing combinations your opponent will have a much harder time getting back into the fight. Hard to think about offense when always in defense.

Train Smart Take Care,

Sharir R,

ICCS Head Instructor.

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