Essential workers

A martial art instructor is much more than just an “instructor”. That word isn't big enough to describe his job. Other than an instructor and a coach, he's also a; friend, therapist, secret keeper, peace maker, shoulder to cry on, motivator, a person that will tell you everything is going to be OK, and much more.

And a martial arts school, isn't just a “school” it's the real detention of “school of life”

it's a real melting pot. A place where your sex, race, color, or religion is not relevant. It's a place that keeps young men and women off their phones, off the streets, and gives them healthy goals and purposes to life. It's a place where not only children, but also adults come to get some much desired recognition. It's a place that keeps people healthy and strong. It's a place where people learn they are much stronger and capable than they thought. It's a magic place that humbles that assholes, and turns them into nice people. It's a place where weaker people build the confidence they desperately need for any walk of life.

To all my martial arts instructor friends. Not only you are all essential, you are more essential that ever.

Sharir, R

ICCS Head instructor.

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