Drive Safely!

Driving in your car and you get attacked? Here's some things you need to know;

- if it's a mob attack, your car is your weapon. It's big and heavy and weighs much more than you. As much as you can, don't stop the car. Better to drive forward, but you can also drive backwards. Use the car as a weapon. Go crazy with it. Smash anything in sight.

- stopping the car in the middle of a mob attack, may get you, and the rest of the people in your car killed.

- put your head down when you drive. Rocks and other object will be flying towards your direction.

- if there's kids in the car, have them go under the seats, or at least put their heads down. If you just start screaming at them, the kids will probably go into shock, and do nothing effective. You should have a code word that when you say, they know to put their heads down in an automatic manner. For example, play a game with them that every time you say the word “Disneyland” they put their heads down. Turn it into a game you play with them sometimes. Than, if you ever need to use it in a life threatening situation, there's a better chance the kids will actually do it.

- if the car must stop, get out and fight. Be aggressive. Swing at anything in your way. Go crazy. Unless you have an armored car, staying inside will get you killed faster. The mob will break in the matter of short minutes, pull you out and lynch you. Get out and fight. Try to make a run towards safety. Having a weapon in the car is a good thing. No reason not to have one. Pistol if possible. If not, at least a bat.

- if you get shot at and you can keep driving, drive. Put your head down and step on the gas. It's not easy to hit a moving target. The shooters goal is to get you to stop, than keep shooting. If you must stop the car, and you have a weapon, your still in business. Stop the car in a forty five degree angle towards the direction your being attacked. Use the car as an initial hiding place to fire back, before you take the fight back to them. Remember, the car is not for cover, it's for hiding. There's a world of difference. If you have no weapon in this scenario, I can't help you. Think seriously about getting one.

Train smart,

stay safe,

Sharir R,

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