Krav Maga Or MMA?

Many people ask what is better, MMA or Krav Maga? Of course, to the die hard Krav Maga people the answer is obvious - Krav Maga is for the street, and MMA, as tough as it may be is just a sport. So, of course Krav Maga is better for a street fight. After all, it's the real thing. And yet, let me ask you to take a moment and really think about it, without ego. Furthermore, let me change the question around a bit. Instead of asking what is better, ask yourself is MY Krav Maga better and more effective than MMA? And if not, How can I make MY Krav Maga more effective than MMA? Be honest with yourself about the answer. If not, you'll only be hurting yourself as a result. To answer that question, the main factor should be how hard do you train. MMA is a mix of a few different training styles; mostly striking, grappling and wrestling. Luckily I have the privilege of coming from both worlds. I train and coach in both, MMA and Krav Maga. Therefore, out of my personal lifelong experience I could say with confidence that the MMA fighters with those styles I listed above train much harder than the average person who dose Krav Maga about twice a week. And, don't buy into that annoying excuse "we will just put a finger in his eye, or kick him in the balls" I hear too often. Maybe you will, maybe you won't. A wrestler who takes the initiative and goes for a takedown, will take you down, before you can even blink. Why? Because its in his blood. His takedowns transformed into habits after doing it countless times. Is sticking a finger in someone's eye really your habit? How many times did you practice it? Did you actually really ever do it, full speed? have some respect for your enemy, because what he dose, he did full speed, against an opponent that gave him 100% resistance. Likewise, there are some “reality based” systems who don't spar, claiming it's not real. Well, I have been in competition, inside the ring, and in the corner. Let me tell you something. Although there's a referee and rules to protect the fighters, if the person on the other side wants to kick your head straight off, it's a real fight. And, the closest sensation you might get to a street fight. If nothing more sparring gets you in the habit of hitting and getting hit. MMA fighters have enough of that habit to lend and to spend. Do you? So what's more effective? do both! Krav Maga, actually is suppose to be MMA for the street. In a street fight you have striking, clinching, and fighting on the floor. You can move between distances in lightening speed. And where is a better place to learn all those elements than MMA? Krav Maga and MMA don't contradict each other, they make each other whole. Train Smart, Stay safe, Sharir R ICCS Head instructor

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