'Training' with real knives?

People ask me what are my thoughts regarding training with real knives. In one word; fake. Sure, to an untrained eye, it may look cool. However, if people do train with real knives I can assure you, that no matter what they say or do, it's not real training. Real training must have two elements; it has to be done when your tired to simulate pressure, and your training partner needs to resist you, or in other words try to really make you fail. If your not training like that, you might be moving fast and making noises, but bottom line, it's not really realistic training. Imagine you train the way I described with real knives, there would be no students left after one class. All would be dead, or in the hospital. Nobody is good enough to train with real knives and not get stabbed, I guarantee you that. Instead of playing with real knives, your better off training real but with fake knives. Train smart, stay safe, Sharir R, ICCS Head instructor.

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