Don't punch to the face?!

A good friend and fellow instructor sent me a video today showing two people explaining how punching people in the face for a street fight is bad, and should be done only in the ring. Moreover, they say that punching people in the face is considered 'sports fighting' and in the 'real' fight you should only punch the body. The main reason they claim punching is bad is because your going to hurt your hand if you do. Newsflash; we all know that. Yes, we know that if we punch someone really hard in the face we might end up breaking a bone or two in our hand. I actually broke a bone in my hand 2 weeks ago, And what? At least I 'm still here to talk about it. Point is, a real fight is all about minimizing damage. Your going to get hurt anyway. If all that happened to you after a life threatening fight is that you hurt your finger busting your opponent’s face up, then you did great. Also, personally I hate when 'reality' instructors call sport fighting, not real. I come from both world's and teach both athletes as well as people who only need to know how to survive in the street. Maybe there are rules and even a referee to protect you from dying, but make no mistake; MMA, Thai boxing, boxing; those are real fights. When the person across the cage or ring wants to take your head off, what would you call it if not real. And those 'sport fighters' are way tougher than most 'reality' fighters out there. Believe me. Yes, your gonna hurt your hand if you punch someone, but stop thinking like a nerd. Your going to get hurt anyway, it's a fight. Now make the most of it. It's dangerous to tell people “here is how you don't get hurt” it leads to false confidence, and bad things. Your going to get hurt, but move forward, hurt him more. Be more effective than your enemy. Win the fight no matter what. Train smart, Stay safe, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor

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