Training under pressure ? Really?

Training under fatigue doesn't necessarily mean your training under anything resembling a real fight. True, part of reality training should be practicing when your exhausted, however if all your doing is training when your tired, then your just training when your tired, nothing more. Likewise, many people think training under pressure mean practicing really fast. If all you doing is going over agreed moments quickly, then it's no different then salsa. Nothing wrong with dancing, however it has nothing to do with fighting. Training for a real fight must have two components to make it resemble anything remotely close to a real fight; 1- Yes, you must be tired. The feeling of fatigue is similar to the pressure you might be feeling in a real fight, and it's great to get used to that feeling. It's not just about being in shape, it's about getting used to feeling like crap and keep moving forward. 2- The most important part, and sadly what too many martial artists seem to miss is that your training partner must resist anything your doing with 100%. He must try, as best he could to make you fail and kick your ass. Just like a real fight. Train smart, stay safe, Sharir R, ICCS Head instructor

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