Stop With The B.S!

Too many people use the fact that they train "reality based" fighting as an excuse why they don't grapple, don't wrestle, and even don't spar. Yes, in a "street fight" I want to keep the fight standing, but so you don't fall you need to know what wrestlers and grapples can do and how they think. Yes, in a "real fight" I don't exchange punches like in sparring,I finish the fight as fast as possible. However can you think of a better way to get used to getting hit? or thinking under pressure ? And finally, coming from both worlds, I can say this; an MMA fight, or any other full contact fight, even though there is rules, make no mistake, it's a real fight. Someone wants to take your head off, and is standing in front of you. You want to prepare for a real fight? add full contact to your training, and the more the better. ICCS is on a mission to bring the good name back into Krav Maga. Yes, we are a "street fighting" system, however we also spar, wrestle, and grapple. And on a high level. We can fight real anywhere, with no excuse. Train smart, stay safe, Sharir R, ICCS Head instructor.

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