Dose Knife Defense Work?

Around the subject of knife fighting there's a ton of nonsense. Every other person has a flock of ideas on how to fight off the attacker, as if they were actually under a real knife attack. I've been to a couple of knife fights, and studied up close numerous more, so it's only fair to say that I have more experience than the average person when it comes to knife attacks. The truth is that in reality, no technique really works. Like it or not, it's like that. A knife attack is just too much of a surprise, and way too fast to usually even understand what's happening, let alone execute some fancy technique. Against a knife you need to have principles and a strong warrior’s mind set. Peoples' lousy ideas about knife fighting, come of course because of bad training habits. Anyone who really practiced fighting against a knife in full force knows that there are no two knife attacks that look exactly the same, sometimes you end up in a clinch, sometimes on the ground, sometimes you can strike and create distance. Therefore the technique is of less importance. What you need to understand is the principles when fighting against a knife; know what you're looking to do; know what your goal is. There are two main principles in a knife attack: 1 – Attack the hand with the knife (not block, there's a world of difference) 2- Control the hand with the knife. Once you achieved those two things you can think about hitting him back. Understanding these two fundamentals help people not to think too much and get killed, but instead react, minimize the damage and survive. Train smart, Stay safe, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor.

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