Are Guns Bad?

Here's an interesting fact; Guns don't kill people, it actually takes a human finger to pull the trigger. So, guns don't kill, people shoot guns and kill. And if there's no gun, it could be a knife, a screw driver, an ax, or anything else that comes to mind. Every time a horrible shooting happens, many people immediately blame it on the gun, totally neglecting the real problem. Like as if there would be no more killings in the world if guns would vanish. Bad people will always find a way to kill if there is no good person to stop them. Stop teaching kids how to fight back only through hashtags and sad posts on Facebook, and start teaching kids to identify suspicious behaviour, and speak up if detected. Feelings are not more important than human lives. Instead of teaching kids to say "no to bullying" teach kids to punch him in the face, nothing wrong with that. You'll actually be teaching the bully a great life lesson. As an instructor for most of my life I've seen hundred of kids get bullied, until they fought back. Action speak louder than words. Teach kids the truth; the world is not just rainbows and selfies. A time may come that you'll need to fight back. Better be ready. Train smart, Take care, Sharir R, ICCS Head instructor

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