Dealing with intimidation

Almost all people will feel intimidated before a fight, it's natural. However, you must be careful not to let that feeling take over and cause you not to react properly.

Here are 3 tips for dealing with intimidation:

1- Prepare yourself mentally ahead of time for interacting with someone that will intimidate you. How? Mostly by thinking about it, understanding that in a fight you will in fact need to confront that fear. The more you realize there's no way around it, the more comfortable you'll get when it actually comes.

Train hard, and with people that are better than you. Invest in failure. Find training partners who can beat you, or at least give you a good run for your money. Too many people like to feel like the “king of the gym” by training with beginners or people they can easily beat. The more you practice outside your comfort zone in the gym, the easier it will be to confront intimidation in the street.

2- In your head, plan out what you will do. The feeling of intimidation can easily make people freeze mentality.Remember the 7 P's: Proper, Planing, Preparation, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Predominance.

3- Train Hard! Practicing under pressure is the absolute best way to prepare for a real fight. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Train yourself to become a beast mentally when needed.

Train Smart, Stay Safe, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor

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