Takedowns And Street Fighting

Takedowns and street fights Should a person training only for a street fight practice takedowns? The answer to that question is absolutely yes. Not only should you know what takedowns are, but you should also be good at them. Having a good level of wrestling will first and foremost help you keep the fight standing. Because make no mistake, as much as possible, you want to keep the fight standing. The better you are at takedowns, the harder it would be to use them against you. Common sense. Furthermore, although in most cases striking would be preferred, there might be scenarios where you will want or have to use a takedown. Two great takedowns you can use are the double leg takedown, and the single leg takedown The double leg takedown involves grabbing the opponent with both arms around his knees, while keeping the chest close to the opponent, and with using different variations, either lifting the opponent up to slam him back down, or using the shoulders to push into him while pulling the legs to force him down. For a street fight I recommend, no matter the variation, you go for a high double, meaning your front leg does not touch the floor. Safer for a real fight. The single leg takedown involves grabbing one of the opponents legs, usually with both hands, and using this position to force the opponent to the ground. Here too I recommend going for a high double, without touching your knees to the ground Being good at these two simple takedowns, will not only help prevent people from being able to use them against you, but also give you a great set of tools you might want to use one day. Train smart, Stay safe, Sharir R, ICCS head instructor.

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