Be Professional

Don't use the fact that you train Krav Maga as an excuse to why you don't know grappling. Yes, maybe you don't grapple in a street fight. However, to have the ability not to grapple, you must know grappling. First act of combat is intelligence, study what your enemy can do, and know how to stop him. Too many "reality based" instructors claim they don't need to know grappling or boxing because they fight reality, and others do sport. really? always have respect, and never underestimate your opponent. Especially not full contact fighters. They won't hesitate to knock your head off, or choke you out. Grappling and MMA is becoming more and more common, and most reality based systems don't have any idea how to fight them. Time to evolve. Take care, Train Smart, Sharir R ICCS Head Instructor

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