Rules for a street fight- Version 2

- If possible, avoid a fight. - Forget about punches, elbows and knees. If you could, bring a weapon, and bring friends, have them bring their weapons as well. - Anyone worth punching, is worth punching many times. Be generous with your strikes, they don't cost you money. - Always win, the only unfair fight is the fight you lose. - Make a decision to be aggressive always. And stick with it. - Aggression always covers for the absence of technique, technique never covers for the absence of aggression. - Finish the fight as fast as possible- you'll have a bigger chance to survive. - One day you might lose, but today is not that day. - Never drop your guard. - Practice fighting under pressure. The only thing that counts is how good you are when stressed. - Have a plan. - Never underestimate anyone. Treat your enemies with respect. He came to kill you, not for coffee.

Take care, ' Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor.

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