Knowledge is power!

A person must strive to be an expert on any topic he teaches, otherwise the instruction will be lacking and weak. A wrestling coach should have expert wrestling knowledge, a boxing coach must be proficient in boxing, and a history teacher should actually know history. This is why, a krav Maga instructor is a very demanding job because he must aim to know as much as he possibly could on all the subjects, simply because he needs to teach his students how to fight off any attack or any kind of attacker. Even more so, the MMA coach, since there are no weapons or multiple opponents in MMA. A krav maga instructor needs to be the best because bottom line, he is suppose to teach real combat, not a sport. Too bad that in reality so many “realistic based” fighting instructors are in fact- experts about nothing. Half-ass in striking, half-ass in wrestling, even half-ass in weapons, yet they teach people how to defend against all those things...shame. How can you teach someone to defend against a wrestler when you don't know what a double or single leg take down is? How can you

teach to fight a boxer when you don't know how fast they can slip a punch? How can you teach to defend a gun threat when you don't even know how to shoot? The first act of war is to collect intelligence, yet many reality based instructors are teaching you to fight blind. Deadly. Only in the self defense community you have people who claim to be to tougher than a woodpeckers lips, however in reality are as tough as cotton. Because they talk the talk, but believe me, they can't walk the walk. Toy soldiers is all they are, Facebook warriors, and they are giving Krav Maga a bad reputation. It's time to give true Krav Maga a good name again. Train smart, Take care Sharir R, ICCS Head instructor

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