Freeze, Asses, Attack!

A real fight just about never comes in the right time and is always scary. After all, for average people, a confrontation is not something that happens to them everyday.

Therefore, when a scary or harrowing situation occurs, everyone freezes at first. Then, there are three types of reactions: • Staying frozen- staying in total shock and doing absolutely nothing effective; • Going crazy- becoming hyper and essentially just causing a bigger mess and confusion; • Or assessing the situation properly and reacting to it accordingly.

What we aim for, obviously, is the third reaction. For that reason, training under pressure is one of the most important fundamentals in all reality based training. In real life the pressure will skyrocket immediately. Get used to that feeling; having that feeling for the first time in a real confrontation can be deadly. In training, emulate fear, pressure, and confusion as much as you can. Working under fatigue and scenario training are two great ways of doing it.

Train smart, Take care, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor

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