Why we train hard?

Many people think ICCS is just like any other krav maga system, only that we go hard with training vests. That is far off from the truth as the north pole is distant from the south pole.

Yes, we use the training vests, also known to many as a “sharpatz” or “shachpatz” a lot, but why? The training vest are not a tool to poor out your aggression and anger, it's an instrument where we put our techniques and knowledge to a test. As close as possible to reality, without actually hurting each other, so we could live to train another day.

With the training vest we are able to truly go full force and emulate the feeling of a real attack. Not only the power of the real deal, but more importantly the stressful feeling of the real fight.

This style of training allows us to see what works, what can work better with improvement, and also what is complete garbage and should be discarded as so. There's no place for ego in reality training, only keep trying evolve in develop smarter and better ways so people could protect themselves and those closest to them.

Through this style of training, ICCS was truly, and still is able to evolve and become more and more effective; better striking, better principles, greater and a more simple set of techniques, and a more realistic mind set.

Yes, we use the training vests as the final “testing grounds” for many scenarios. However, leading to the use of the vests there's a world of reality based knowledge and experience in all dimensions of combat. That is the difference with ICCS.

Train Smart, Take care, Sharir R, ICCS Head instructor

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