Disarming A Knife?

Disarming A knife? In a knife attack there are two things a person must do survive; attack the hand with the knife, and control the hand with the knife. After achieving those objectives you'll be free to strike at the attacker and create enough damage for you to win the fight. At this point of the fight, if lucky enough to reach this point, attempting a disarm can be a very dangerous thing to do. The attacker is pumped with adrenalin, and feels no pain. Furthermore, chances are you are already injured. Once controlling the knife, focus only on one thing, creating damage. Think about it logically, if you throw ten hard knees to the attackers face, or poke his eye out, theoretically he should drop the knife. If he doesn't, keep striking! your not going to twist it out of him.. Knife disarming may look amazing on video, but reality is not choreographed to look cool. Attack the hand with the knife, control the hand with the knife, then create damage! take care, train smart, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor

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