Too often, people use the reason that they train in reality based fighting as a justification as to why they don't spar in training. I’ve even had people tell me that it might be dangerous for them to spar with me because they can kill me; Explaining to me that, “we don't spar, we kill..”

Sparing is one of the most important tools of fight training, of any sort. It helps you get used to contact and think under pressure; Two habits that any person must have if he wants to survive a real fight. A good training partner will always let you know when you lose your concentration while sparring, with a good punch to the face.

Yes, in a real fight we might target areas that we cannot strike while we train, so what? You need to get used to hitting and even more important, getting hit. In a real fight you need to be tougher than a woodpeckers lips if you want to survive. Practicing theoretical slow eye and groin attacks is important, but don't forget, if you want to be able to do it fast in real life, you need to be used to hitting for real. Getting hit in practice is good for you, it will help you set your head straight for the real deal. If the first time a person gets hit for real is in a street fight, he will probably be talking Chinese before he can fight back. Start sparring today.

Take care,

Train smart,

Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor.

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