Investing in Failure

In full contact training, many people prefer the easy “win” against a weaker or a less experienced training partner, rather than “loosing”, or having a tough time against a stronger and more advanced opponent. This is a terrible way to prepare for a fight. The person training this way, might be feeling good about it the end of the training, but in reality is only kidding himself.

In full contact training, a person should try to do the exact opposite. I call it investing in failure. Look for the strongest and most advanced person in the training session and train with him. Because in training, really, there isn’t such thing as failure, only education. That’s how you should look at every sparing session or match you “loose” – education. You'll learn from the lose much more then beating on a weaker person then you. If you’re the best fighter at the session, then put yourself at disadvantage positions and fight from there. It will improve your fighting skills, guaranteed.

Take care,

Sharir R,

ICCS head instructor.

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