Body Shots and Street Fighting

Many times I get asked the following question; How effective is a body strike in a street fight?

Just like striking to the proper areas in the body can drop people in a ring fight, they can also be successful in street fights. After all, striking the right areas in the body means causing the opponent not only pain, that can be passed over with adrenalin, but may also result in immediate damage. Perfect of course for a real fight.

However, the problem with body strikes is that it can be harder for an untrained person to properly find those areas. Keeping in mind that the average street fight lasts between 3-12 seconds, landing an effective body shot can be difficult. This is why you must go through the basics first. Nonetheless, after a person is well trained in the fundamentals, there is a lot of room to expand. The sky is the limit with striking.

The two best body shots I recommend are the strike to the solar plexus- this attack will cause a muscle Spasm of the diaphragm. The result will be the person not able to catch his breath, or breath deeply. It can also damage the ribs at the base of the sternum and possible heart bruising.

The strike to the liver- The strike shocks the liver, and causes the person to lose focus and drive, and also a horrible breathless feeling. A liver strike will leave the average person handicapped for a good few minutes. More than enough time to win the fight.

Take care,

Train Smart,

Sharir R,ICCS Head Instructor.

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