Use Your Elbows

Use Your Elbows

The elbow strike, along with the knee strike and the headbutt, are the three most effective strikes a person could use in a fight.

However, the elbow strike has more advantages then all the other strikes;

- Very easy to learn: the elbow strike is the first strike I teach anyone who starts to learn with me.

It doesn’t demand any sort of flexibility, and hardly any coordination skills. learning how to throw a proper jab or cross, and to be able to relay on it's effectiveness in a fight could take a person months to learn. When teaching someone to fight for survival I want to make sure that already after class number one he'll have an effective tool in his weapon arsenal. Even after one class, although the strike isn't perfected yet, it still carries enough power to inflict effective damage in a fight.

- Low risk: The human hand is full of small and delicate bones. Even a great striker, fighting without gloves will injure his hands while striking. If he needs to fight the next day again he's out of commission. The Elbow is a much bigger and stronger bone. Hardly any chance of breaking it while striking. Also, because it's a big and sharp bone, striking with the elbow is a win win situation. Either you knock him out or you cut him open. The elbow is a big weapon, hitting a large target. Hardly a chance of missing. And, because an elbow is such a short strike, in the case a person dose miss, chances of him loosing his balance are low, making it easy to follow up with more strikes.

- Element of surprise: If there's no other choice but to fight, an elbow strike is a great way to start. People expect you to push or punch, not to elbow. The elbow strike could come out of many angles which are hard for the eye to detect. Of course, starting a fight with a surprising and effective strike like an elbow, if followed up effectively, will be equal to a sure victory.

Many people are aware of the effectiveness of the elbow strike, but don't practice it on a regular basis. People preform through habit. If something is not practiced it won't be used. It's not enough only to know about it. You must drill it into your mind and body through training.

Train smart.

Take care,

Sharir R,

ICCS Head Instructor.

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