All full contact and reality based fighting systems must constantly keep evolving. You need to try to get better at what you do everyday. Too often I hear people say, “this is how it was done from the beginning; this is the traditional way and this is how it should be done”. The only thing that you need to stay true to is the principles of fighting. No matter what, they will never change. There is no substitute for great striking, aggressiveness, moving forward and a win no matter what mentality. However, if you feel a technique is outdated or should be modified to be made more useful, do it. In all competitive full contact sports, such as Wrestling and MMA, techniques are being modified all the time to make them faster, better and more useful. Sadly, only in the self defense community, a place where making the techniques better is with extreme importance, many people are too stuck in their old ways. The gun for example, since the first World War to the present, changed without compare, but the principles stayed the same. Pulling a trigger snaps the hammer forward, the pin strikes the primer, creating a spark which ignites the gun powder and the explosion propels the bullet. This should be exactly the same with hand to hand combat. Stay true to the principles and work on the fundamentals, but always look to evolve and make the techniques faster, stronger and better.

Take care, Train Smart, Sharir R, ICCS Head instructor.

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