ICCS  Technical Director and representative of France- Pedro Saraiva. 

Pedro has over 15 years of Krav Maga experience, as well as in full contact Sports. 

Apart from being an amazing person, his technical and instructional level  in France is second to none.  

ICCS Technical Director Of USA- Tony Harwood. 

Tony is a life long martial artist, with more than 40 years of fighting experience including, kick boxing, boxing, and of course Krav Maga. 

Tony is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. 

ICCS Spain development Team- Jose Maria Ispizua

Jose Maria is a certified ICCS Instructor, and truly one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Jose Maria helps develop ICCS in Spain 

ICCS UK Director- Graham Sinclair

Graham is a certified ICCS instructor, with lifelong experience in the martial arts. He has a background in boxing, grappling, and of course Krav Maga. Graham is an amazing instructor 

ICCS Technical Director of Italy - Andrea Bonomo 

Andrea is a seasoned martial artist, with years of experience, as well as an ICCS Krav Maga instructor, Andrea also has a jujitsu black belt. 

His great experience also comes from serving in the Italian military and years of working in the privet security industry. 

ICCS USA Director - Joshua Frye

Joshua is 30 year martial arts veteran, an ICCS certified instructor, and head coach at the renown Training Grounds Academy in Florida. Joshua helps develop ICCS in the USA. A true professional 


ICCS France development Team- Michal Fischer

With over 15 years experience of teaching Krav Maga, ICCS instructor Michal Fischer is the perfect person to help lead the development of ICCS France. Michal is truly a great instructor 


ICCS USA Pro division Director- William Scott King

 Scott is a certified ICCS instructor, with lifelong experience in the martial arts, as well as an amazing background in the military, law enforcement, and international private security industry. He is a former US Marine, Ex Special Police Unit, and has years of experience in overseeing and managing security operations abroad in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

ICCS Technical Director Of Spain- Sergio Lopez.

Sergio is a well known, respected, and seasoned martial artist. Other than being a Krav Maga expert of course, he is also the ACT (knife fighting system) director of Spain, and an amazing MMA and Grappling instructor. 


ICCS Director For Sweden- Daniel Lindberg.

Daniel has over 15 years of martial arts and Krav Maga experience, including kick boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Krav Maga, as well as real life experience from years in the field. Together with Daniel, ICCS is determined to bring the best reality training into Scandinavia. 


ICCS Central America Pro division Director- Edgar Fernandez

  Edgar is a certified ICCS instructor, He also has a lifelong experience in the martial arts, including Judo, BJJ, and MMA.  He is the head instructor for KMTI - Krav Maga Costa Rica. 

Edgar also has years of experience with handguns, and training security personal  throughout central America, and worldwide. 


ICCS Belgium Director- Julient Holvoet

Julien is a certified ICCS instructor, and a seasoned martial artists. He has a life time of experience in Krav Maga, boxing, and MMA. A true professional.