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JRC Holsters is the Official choice of ICCS Pro! 

 The ICCS pro training program  is dedicated on providing the highest level of tactical, Law enforcement, security, and professional training. 

All ICCS Pro programs were developed to offer the best and most up to date tactical security methods in the market today, and designed for today's constant changing threats.


*All ICCS Pro instructors are world class level, Special forces veterans, with actual field anti terror experience!  

The ICCS Pro courses are held in Israel, USA, and Europe! 

ICCS Pro training courses include: 


-ICCS Pro course level 1 (3 days)- with certification.

-ICCS Pro course level 2 (3 days)- with certification. 

-ICCS Pro course level 3 (3 days)- with certification. 

- Special Law Enforcement technique course.

- Special security course.

- Control and restrain course 

- Knife fighting course 

- Combat pistol course 

- Combat rifle course 

- CQC course ( pistol and rifle) 

- VIP protection course. 

- S.P.C. Course ( Self Protection Course) 

- Special tactical Medical Course.

- Church security course.   

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