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Welcome To ICCS Krav Maga, World Leader For Krav Maga Training ! 


ICCS is an international Organization of Krav Maga, created and based in Israel.


ICCS is dedicated on providing the highest level of pure Krav Maga training.


ICCS training tactics and techniques are based on battle proven Israeli military methods, fit for modern day close combat fighting scenarios.


ICCS takes pride with its simple and effective techniques and training methods, as well as the quality and honesty of the organization.


ICCS sees itself as the next generation of Krav Maga training.


Israeli based ICCS instructors are seasoned Israeli army veterans, with actual anti-terrorist field operation experience, this experience ICCS is determined to bring to its students worldwide.


Bottom line? Our students learn how to win a fight. This is what Krav Maga was created for and this is what we teach on a global level.

ICCS is led by head instructor Sharir Richman.

Sharir is a seasoned Israeli Krav Maga instructor certified by the Israeli Army and The Israeli Wingate Institute.

He lives and breathes Krav Maga daily. He has experience teaching in the Israeli army, as well as teaching for Israeli private security companies, and civilian, military and corporate personnal worldwide.

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