Is pain important ?

Never mistake damage for pain in a fight! Damage means causing something in the body to immediately stop functioning correctly, regardless of the pain your opponent may, or may not be feeling at the moment of the fight. Pain is a temporary discomfort with no real damage to the body's ability to function. The body will be able to ignore the pain with the help of adrenaline. Thus, in the short amount of time that a fight takes place, causing pain gives your enemy no reason to stop attacking you. An average street fight, lasts between three to twelve seconds. If the fight carries on longer than that, it's usually no more a fight, rather it becomes a one sided beat-down. Simply meaning, one side

Why I teach Krav Maga

I started practicing and studying martial arts when I was about 6 years old and I’ve been doing it ever since. For me, martial arts was love at first sight. I’ve been literally breathing and living it all my life. It’s all I do. Throughout the years I had the privilege of training in various remarkable fighting systems such as: Krav Maga, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, MMA, and even some Taekwodo and karate. All of which I have great admiration for. So why do I choose to focus my teaching specifically on Krav Maga and MMA? Let's answer the krav Maga part first. I focus my teaching on Krav Maga simply because I love to teach good people how to fight back, and help them keep the

Should you use gloves for training?

Often I am asked for my opinion regarding the use of boxing gloves for “reality training”-good or bad? The people who object to the use of gloves claim that you shouldn't use them, because in the street you'll have no boxing gloves. Therefore, your hands must get used to punching without them. They say, using boxing gloves is unrealistic and only sports oriented. While of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, let's look at some facts: - If the argument is that you should not train with gloves because you won't wear them in the street, then you can say the same thing about hitting the street there's no pads. So let's smash our heads in with hammer fists over and over until

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