The myth of the straight line

The straight line myth When preparing for any type of fight, a person must practice in the closest conditions to what he will really have to face. It's better to lose thousands of times in practice then once in reality. It's better to lose thousands of times in practice than once in the real thing. Most people practice always in a straight line; the attacker squares off with his partner and attacks, while the defender is ready for the specific prearranged and agreed upon attack. Practicing always in a straight line with no surprise is just rehearsing what you already know. It's purely theoretical. In nine out of ten cases a surprise attack will come at you from the back or side. And unless t

5 Rules of Striking Everyone Should Know

5 Rules Of Striking Everyone Should Know 1- Be Aggressive! This is the most important principle of fighting. Aggression always covers for the absent of technique, technique never covers for the lack of aggression. 2- Maximize Damage to your enemy! Fighting is not a game. It's never fun to hurt another person, no matter the circumstance. That's why it's far better to avoid a fight than to fight. However, if your left with no other alternatives but to fight for your survival, then you must fight hard. 3- Speed! The power, and efficiency of your strikes comes from speed. Not only from the speed in which the strike was delivered, but even more so from the speed that the strike was pulled back af

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