Leg Locks?

Leg locks are the most sneaky and dangerous submissions. Although created for fight sports, a good leg lock can cause terrible damage, also in the street, especially with shoes on. Do I recommend leg locks in a street fight? No. At least not as a first goal. Simply because grappling in the street is wrong. The first goal should be do distroy your enemy with effective striking. Would I break someone's ankle if I had chance in a fight? Absolutely. If I was forced to go to the ground and on my way up I see it, say goodbye to your ankle, or knee. Train smart, stay safe Sharir R, ICCS head instructor.

Stay Real!

Krav Maga is about teaching good people how to fight back. Making people stronger, and saving lives. Something every good person has the right and the obligation to know. Over and over again I see too many techniques in the name of “Krav Maga” that not only are unrealistic, but also would be very dangerous to attempt in reality. Sure, these techniques convey the impression to be amazing to an untrained eye, however to an experienced fighter they are nothing short of ridiculous. There's what works in Hollywood. Then, there's real life. Pleas, stick to real life. I don't have any problems with the poor students learning these techniques. After all, they don't know any better. It's as if the

Drive Safely!

Driving in your car and you get attacked? Here's some things you need to know; - if it's a mob attack, your car is your weapon. It's big and heavy and weighs much more than you. As much as you can, don't stop the car. Better to drive forward, but you can also drive backwards. Use the car as a weapon. Go crazy with it. Smash anything in sight. - stopping the car in the middle of a mob attack, may get you, and the rest of the people in your car killed. - put your head down when you drive. Rocks and other object will be flying towards your direction. - if there's kids in the car, have them go under the seats, or at least put their heads down. If you just start screaming at them, the kids will p

Controlled Aggression

Anger is a dangers emotion, particularly in a fight. No person should ever make any sort of decision when he or she is angry. even more so when fighting. When a person is angry, than during that time he is temporary insane. In a fight anger can cloud the judgment, ruin the awareness, and destroy common sense. All those trades are crucial for winning a fight. The lack of them can get a person hurt or worse. When fighting, be aggressive, not angry. Furthermore, learn to transmute that emotion of anger into controlled aggression. That way, the you will be able to stay in control of you at all times during the fight. With proper training aggression is a tool you could learn how to control, and s

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