Krav Maga Or MMA?

Many people ask what is better, MMA or Krav Maga? Of course, to the die hard Krav Maga people the answer is obvious - Krav Maga is for the street, and MMA, as tough as it may be is just a sport. So, of course Krav Maga is better for a street fight. After all, it's the real thing. And yet, let me ask you to take a moment and really think about it, without ego. Furthermore, let me change the question around a bit. Instead of asking what is better, ask yourself is MY Krav Maga better and more effective than MMA? And if not, How can I make MY Krav Maga more effective than MMA? Be honest with yourself about the answer. If not, you'll only be hurting yourself as a result. To answer that questio

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