Don't Forget What Krav Maga Is About

Especially in Krav maga and other reality based systems people love to argue about technique. it's not only a waist of time, it is also dangerous. Too many experts in theory. Everyone is a master. Instead of arguing just train hard like a beast. Become dangerous. Because the truth is the technique is hardly relevant when you can't even take or give a punch. I am a Krav Maga instructor for many years, and I had and have the honor of teaching people to save their lives and the lives of others. I love real Krav Maga. Sadly I think a lot of Krav Maga "experts " forgot the true meaning of what krav maga really is and means. In Hebrew it literary means contact combat- basically- everything

The Bull Shit Meter

There are so many "self defense" systems and techniques. So many masters. So many people claiming to have all the answers to all the violent problems. So how can you know what really works, and what is nonsense? In ICCS we have a solution. We call it the "bull shit meter". Basically, every time we see a new technique, we test its principle under pressure. I say principle, because the exact technique hardly ever works in a fight. However, the idea behind it should make sense. How dose the "bull shit" meter test work? simple, we test the technique under pressure. Pressure training must have to elements to it; you must be physically exhausted, and your training partner must resist you

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