Invest in Failure

Everyone likes to win. It's natural. But in order to win in the real fights, you must lose a lot in practice. The more the better. I see too many students partnering up with people they know and feel comfortable they can beat. The truth is, you don't learn much when you win someone in practice. It's a good ego boost, but that's pretty much it. It's far more fruitful for you if you invest in failure. Look for the biggest,toughest, and most experienced people in the class and partner with them. You'll learn and improve your fighting skills a lot more by losing to them, than by beating on the new guy. Train Smart, Stay Safe, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor.

Don't punch to the face?!

A good friend and fellow instructor sent me a video today showing two people explaining how punching people in the face for a street fight is bad, and should be done only in the ring. Moreover, they say that punching people in the face is considered 'sports fighting' and in the 'real' fight you should only punch the body. The main reason they claim punching is bad is because your going to hurt your hand if you do. Newsflash; we all know that. Yes, we know that if we punch someone really hard in the face we might end up breaking a bone or two in our hand. I actually broke a bone in my hand 2 weeks ago, And what? At least I 'm still here to talk about it. Point is, a real fight is all abou

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