Takedowns And Street Fighting

Takedowns and street fights Should a person training only for a street fight practice takedowns? The answer to that question is absolutely yes. Not only should you know what takedowns are, but you should also be good at them. Having a good level of wrestling will first and foremost help you keep the fight standing. Because make no mistake, as much as possible, you want to keep the fight standing. The better you are at takedowns, the harder it would be to use them against you. Common sense. Furthermore, although in most cases striking would be preferred, there might be scenarios where you will want or have to use a takedown. Two great takedowns you can use are the double leg takedown, and

MMA Or Krav Maga?

Many people ask what is better, MMA or Krav Maga? Of course to the die hard Krav Maga people the answer is obvious - Krav Maga is for the street, and MMA, as tough as it may be is a sport. So, of course Krav Maga is better for a street fight. However, let me ask you to take a moment and really think about it, without ego. And let me change the question around a bit. Instead of asking what is better, ask yourself is MY Krav Maga better and more effective than MMA? And if not, How I make MY Krav Maga more effective than MMA? Be honest to yourself about the answer. If not you'll be only hurting yourself. To answer that question, the main factor should be how hard do you train. MMA is mixe

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