Freeze, Asses, Attack!

A real fight just about never comes in the right time and is always scary. After all, for average people, a confrontation is not something that happens to them everyday. Therefore, when a scary or harrowing situation occurs, everyone freezes at first. Then, there are three types of reactions: • Staying frozen- staying in total shock and doing absolutely nothing effective; • Going crazy- becoming hyper and essentially just causing a bigger mess and confusion; • Or assessing the situation properly and reacting to it accordingly. What we aim for, obviously, is the third reaction. For that reason, training under pressure is one of the most important fundamentals in all reality based trainin

Why we train hard?

Many people think ICCS is just like any other krav maga system, only that we go hard with training vests. That is far off from the truth as the north pole is distant from the south pole. Yes, we use the training vests, also known to many as a “sharpatz” or “shachpatz” a lot, but why? The training vest are not a tool to poor out your aggression and anger, it's an instrument where we put our techniques and knowledge to a test. As close as possible to reality, without actually hurting each other, so we could live to train another day. With the training vest we are able to truly go full force and emulate the feeling of a real attack. Not only the power of the real deal, but more importantly the

Be Ready!

Always prepare for a fight, like you're about to battle with the most dangerous person in the world. Never underestimate any person willing and wanting to fight you. Too often people rely on strikes, that in reality will have no effect on the opponent. People wanting to kill you can endure lots of pain and still go forward. You must create damage! Have enough respect for your enemy to hit him hard and create a sufficient amount of damage that will stop his attack. People train on too many theoretical strikes, that may hurt a bit for the long run, however in the short fight, when you really need it to work, will have no effect. At all times, go with the assumption that the person standing in

Work The Pocket!

Training to fight and feeling comfortable in all distances is extremely important in any confrontation. However, the most important distance and ironically the most neglected distance is the “pocket”. This distance is when you are close enough to hit and get hit. That's where the real fight starts, that's where the damage is done, and that is where you need to feel the most comfortable. Be brilliant at the places most people are stupid and you will be dangerous. Start practicing and getting in the habit of fighting up close. Krav Maga literally translates to close combat because it focuses on exactly this distance in fighting; the only distance that will realistically win a street fight. Tr

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