Who do you learn from?

There are so many different styles, approaches and methods of reality training in the market. So how can we know who to learn from? The answer to that is simple: find someone who actually has the experience. The bottom line is, no matter how cool someone may look, or how cheesy his motivational sentences are, if he was never there, then his whole system is built on theory alone. Only in the self defense world, you find people who claim to have the best program out there, yet they were never actually in real a battle. Many of whom never even got punched in the face. If you want to learn how to be a chef, You'll take your time to find the best chef, with the most know-how and study under h

Mental Toughness.

The single most important asset one must have to win a real fight is mental toughness. This trait will develop a person's aggressiveness- and as you know aggression always covers for the absence of technique, but technique will never cover for the absence of aggression. So how do you develop this crucial asset? If you are not born crazy, there's only one way- Hard training. Of course, technique is extremely important and must be drilled non stop to make it permanent. However, be careful not to drown in the sea of theory along the way. Always remember, mental toughness, combined with good techniques is the way to success in the fight. Train smart, Take care Sharir R, ICCS Head Instruc

Disarming A Knife?

Disarming A knife? In a knife attack there are two things a person must do survive; attack the hand with the knife, and control the hand with the knife. After achieving those objectives you'll be free to strike at the attacker and create enough damage for you to win the fight. At this point of the fight, if lucky enough to reach this point, attempting a disarm can be a very dangerous thing to do. The attacker is pumped with adrenalin, and feels no pain. Furthermore, chances are you are already injured. Once controlling the knife, focus only on one thing, creating damage. Think about it logically, if you throw ten hard knees to the attackers face, or poke his eye out, theoretically he sho

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