100% Intent

When you make your first move, do it with 100% intent. Don't hesitate. If you understand thay your only way out is to fight, then fight hard. Don't waist your time trying to defend yourself, that's exactly what your enemy expects you to do. Rather, than defending yourself, attack back. Be aggressive. Make your enemy defend himself, do the last thing he thinks you'll do, and force him out of his comfort zone. take care, train smart, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor.


All sports, and forms of combat are constantly evolving, with people trying to make it better every day. In life everything should be increasing, not staying the same. The rifle today is very different than the first rifle, same thing for boxing, wrestling or basketball. People keep climbing through the ranks, bringing the level of endurance, technique, and performance up with them. Too many Krav Maga schools are stuck on the old techniques. The battle field is constantly changing, people are different and the threats are not always the same. Don’t get stuck with the old ways, try to see how to get better and what you need to do and know to survive a fight today. Evolve. Train smart, Take c

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