Too often, people use the reason that they train in reality based fighting as a justification as to why they don't spar in training. I’ve even had people tell me that it might be dangerous for them to spar with me because they can kill me; Explaining to me that, “we don't spar, we kill..” Sparing is one of the most important tools of fight training, of any sort. It helps you get used to contact and think under pressure; Two habits that any person must have if he wants to survive a real fight. A good training partner will always let you know when you lose your concentration while sparring, with a good punch to the face. Yes, in a real fight we might target areas that we cannot strike while we

Rules of fighting everyone should know

If possible avoid the fight. If the only option left is to fight, then fight hard! Be aggressive. Don’t defend yourself; make your enemy defend himself. Self defense is a legal term, not a strategy of winning a fight. Hit vital areas. Minimize the damage to yourself. Maximize the damage to your enemy. Hit your enemy harder then he hits you. Finish the fight as fast a possible. Sharir R, ICCS head instructor.

Train Real

Regardless of how some people make it look, Krav Maga is not magic. There is no simple salutation. Sometimes people make it look too easy. A fight is a fight and its always gory and violent. Do what you got to do to survive the battle. Krav maga is not about having the coolest techniques, it's about being able to minimize damage and stay alive. Train Smart, Take care, Sharir R, ICCS Head Instructor

be Accurate !

Most people I see in training, including many of the decent fighters are not accurate with their punches. Not because they can't be, but because they are not in the habit of training for accuracy. People usually focus on the speed and power of the punch, and less on the precision. Obviously, those elements are crucial for an effective strike, but never forget the WHERE to hit. The difference between landing a punch on the chin, or on the cheek bone is like night and day. One will knock someone out and the other will do little to no damage when adrenaline is pumping. My two tips for getting into the habit of punching accurately are: 1- No matter what you're doing or what you are hitting, it c

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