Beware of the land of make believe!

A constant problem I see in the self defense community is that too many people in it are stuck in the land of make believe. Instead of training hard, people prefer to ask questions like, “what if he has two guns?” or “what if he has a plane?” People train in crazy Hollywood style scenarios, while fantasizing special forces appropriators. Looking at that sort of training, the first question that comes to my mind is, “dude..can you even punch?” Be very careful of getting yourself sucked into that kind of training! In a fight for your life the answer to a question that starts with what if, is always be aggressive! Go forward and win because losing is never an option. Keep what you do simple and

Investing in Failure

In full contact training, many people prefer the easy “win” against a weaker or a less experienced training partner, rather than “loosing”, or having a tough time against a stronger and more advanced opponent. This is a terrible way to prepare for a fight. The person training this way, might be feeling good about it the end of the training, but in reality is only kidding himself. In full contact training, a person should try to do the exact opposite. I call it investing in failure. Look for the strongest and most advanced person in the training session and train with him. Because in training, really, there isn’t such thing as failure, only education. That’s how you should look at every spari

Body Shots and Street Fighting

Many times I get asked the following question; How effective is a body strike in a street fight? Just like striking to the proper areas in the body can drop people in a ring fight, they can also be successful in street fights. After all, striking the right areas in the body means causing the opponent not only pain, that can be passed over with adrenalin, but may also result in immediate damage. Perfect of course for a real fight. However, the problem with body strikes is that it can be harder for an untrained person to properly find those areas. Keeping in mind that the average street fight lasts between 3-12 seconds, landing an effective body shot can be difficult. This is why you must go t

Use Your Knees!

To win a fight you need to be more effective then your enemy. Being more efficient means using better weapons. The three most effective weapons out of the human body are; the knee strike, the elbow strike, and the headbutt. While the elbow strike is the easiest and fastest of them to learn, the knee strike is the most powerful of them all. A good knee strike could end the fight on the spot. Defiantly worth the practice time. The key to a powerful knee strike is speed, proper use of body weight, and accuracy. All possible to obtain of course through practice. There are three major possibilities to deliver a good knee strike; Straight knee- (also called the front knee) this involves thrusting

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